Sponsor a Farmer/Beekeeper

Sponsor a Farmer/Beekeeper

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Sponsor a Farmer/Beekeeper

As the co-operative society is established, the next step is to form a beekeeping cluster so that local farmers can take their traditional practice of beekeeping on a commercial scale. Formation of beekeeping cluster will greatly boost the economy of local farmers with a notable increase in production of honey in the district.

Modern beekeeping is in its infancy in the region and there is no existing cluster for beekeeping. Hence, local farmers are very much willing to use modern beehives for better management of colonies and learning modern beekeeping technologies for increased production of natural Himalayan honey.

There are more than 300 farmers from nearly 50 villages in Bhilangana block of district Tehri Garhwal who are eager to enroll themselves to form a beekeeping cluster and further enhance their livelihood through commercial beekeeping. Livelihood will also be increased through indirect employment like carpentry work for making bee boxes and renting of bee colonies.

As per the society’s by laws, a farmer can enroll himself as a member by paying membership fee for registration. A member has to pay Rs. 1,000 as membership fee.

Himalaya Tree is associated with the co-operative society as an assistance partner and need your help to raise funds to support the farmers in overcoming their social and economic challenges through a business of sustainable honey production. We are looking for like-minded people who truly believes in the cause of preservation of nature and understand their duty towards our future generation.     

Once you sponsor a farmer, donated funds will be utilized for their capacity building, to provide them the necessary equipment essential for beekeeping and technical handholding support.

For making our efforts successful, we are heavily dependent on the strength and support of our people i.e. YOU. We believe in the collaborative atmosphere and are absolutely convinced that we all can make a difference together. Your little act of kindness by supporting a farmer will forever be cherished by them, the bees and our ecosystem.

Considering the no. of farmers, we aimed at raising Rs. 3,00,000. We are hopeful that we can count on you and help is on the way. So can you please join us in this effort of sponsoring the farmers? You can do a bank transfer to the below mentioned account details;

Account Number - 001634029100322
Account Name - Vishwanath Ghati Madhumakhi Palan Swayatt Sahkarita
IFSC Code - IBKL0070T16
Bank Name - Tehri Garhwal Zila Sahkari Bank, Ghansali, Tehri Garhwal
Payment Mode : RTGS and NEFT only

Make a difference, share the appeal and get your friends, family and acquaintances to sponsor the farmers. Thank you so much for your kind consideration. We welcome you to provide your thoughts, suggestions or questions. You can write us at care@himalayatree.com.

For more details please visit - https://himalayatree.com/pages/cooperative-society