Sindhu Surira, Chairperson - Cooperative Society 
From singlehandedly managing the agricultural activities along with household chores to work in Anganwadi center, Mrs. Sindhu Surira has seen the struggles whilst earning a livelihood and providing for her family. She used to be among those women whose day starts before sunrise and  continues after sunset. These are the  women farmers of India, whose contribution and hard work often go unnoticed. To establish an identity of their own they  face enormous challenges in a patriarchal society. We need to understand this, if we talk about a progressive nation, recognizing women’s contribution is crucial.
Now as the chairperson of the cooperative society named VISHWANATH GHATI MADHUMAKHI PALAN SWAYATT SAHKARITA, Mrs. Sindhu Surira envision a better quality of life for more than 300 farmers associated with the society through a business of SUSTAINABLE BEEKEEPING. She is hopeful and optimistic that by an organised effort through the cooperative society, the extraordinary skills and hard work of these farmers will bring positive changes to their lives and they’ll be able to earn a better livelihood and hence improve their incomes.
As she herself witnessed the vast difference in the Himalayan Ecosystem if compared to some 40 years back, she is also keen to save the native bee species Apis cerana indica and conserve the Himalayan Ecosystem through the organised efforts by all in the cooperative society.
Praveen Kala, Managing Partner
An established professional with nearly 2 decades of experience in different roles, at reputed Organizations in India and abroad. He co-founded the company with the belief that communities are built when people work together on things that matter to them. More than a product or service, he wants to establish Himalaya Tree as a brand which promotes local products of Uttarakhand and bring them within reach of both, National and International markets.
Suman Dev, Managing Partner
A nature lover and new age social entrepreneur who is acutely aware of the existing abundance in nature’s bounty in the hills of Uttarakhand. He decided to step into entrepreneurship with the aim of supporting local farmers in the hills and improve their socio-economic status by bringing their products within reach of maximum people. He is graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Arts & Law and have more than 10 years of working experience in India and abroad.
Sandeep Dev Surira, Managing Member
Young, innovative and performance driven post graduate with a bent towards technology and business. He is adding his contribution in research & development and performing many important roles such as planning, implementing and researching new organic products.
Ruchi Yadav, Advisor
An established management professional with more than 10 years of experience. Her zeal to uplift people at ‘bottom of pyramid’ and diverse work experience of managing National and International development projects creating social impact motivated her to get associated with Himalaya Tree.