Adopt Beehive in Himalayas 

Hive Thrive allows you to support the honeybee population by supporting those who manage their colonies; the beekeepers (here usually farmers) who are keeping the artisanal honey production alive. This way, you’ll be supporting us in delivering both; livelihood benefits to rural producers and environmental services. In return, you will get purest, raw and organic seasonal honey delivered right to your doorstep from your own BeeHive. This program fosters direct relationship between farmers and consumers so that when your honey arrives, you’ll know the family farmers who tended the hives.
As part of this initiative, as a first step, we have identified Tehri Garhwal district as the location where beekeeping can be done successfully as it is one of the mountainous districts of the state and agriculture is the major occupation of its inhabitants.
Once you adopt a beehive, locals will be trained in beekeeping, and then they will be given boxes you adopted for them to use as beehives. As Uttarakhand’s honey is famous for its organic properties, it is a good source of income and we are trying to promote the same among locals across the Tehri Garhwal district. The locals can earn depending on the demand and the type of honey being produced. The type of honey that will get produced after beekeeping depends on the flowers that the bees suck nectar from. Consumption of organic honey will also promote healthier society due to its health benefits and medicinal properties.

Your little act of kindness by signing up for this adoption program will forever be cherished by the bees, our ecosystem and the farmers. You can also choose this program as an extremely thoughtful gift for your loved ones who loves bees and want to help with their conservation, or just love the thought of contributing to a cause.
Watch the video below to understand how it works.
By adopting a BeeHive: We express our gratitude in return by:
• You help local farmers in overcoming social and economic challenges through a social business of sustainable honey production.
• Collecting pure, unadulterated, raw organic honey just for you.
• You contribute tremendously to the Himalayan ecosystem by helping Bee’s population thrive. Bees play a critical role in our agricultural system. Thanks to their tireless pollination work.
• Delivering this honey from your own BeeHive right to your doorstep at very affordable rate, across India.
• You help save bees from dying due to deadly diseases; and thus ensure a safer and healthier life for bees.
• Having truly committed local farmers; preserving and maintaining the bees on your behalf.

What you get when you adopt a BeeHive

• An adoption certificate.
• Your name in the Bee Box.
• A seed packet so you can plant flowers for your neighborhood pollinators.
• Yearly VIP member discount card.
• You can visit your Hive anytime.
• Chance to win monthly giveaways.


While we take time to construct and install a new home for your Bee Family, explore our range of products under catalog section and give yourself a healthy treat by placing an order.
You can do a bank transfer to the below mentioned account details:
Account Number - 001634029100322
Account Name - Vishwanath Ghati Madhumakhi Palan Swayatt Sahkarita
IFSC Code - IBKL0070T16
Bank Name - Tehri Garhwal Zila Sahkari Bank, Ghansali, Tehri Garhwal
Payment Mode - RTGS and NEFT only
You may click on below link to make payment to adopt beehive: